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Sat, Aug 27




$10 | Colombia



Aug 27, 2022, 9:00 p.m.

Montreal, 4372 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1Z5, Canada


Bumaranga's music is a swirling party; an invitation to surrender gently to Afro-Colombian melodies, sometimes velvety, sometimes exalted, always sublime in their sincerity. At the crossroads of indigenous rhythms and sounds imported by slaves from Africa, the Cumbia, Puya, Tambora and Mapalé of the group revealed by the Syli d'or 2013 highlight the traditional instruments that are the tambora, tambour alegre , gaita and flute by Millo, which the group, harnessed to the powerful and sparkling voice of the singer, magnifies with drums and electric instruments. A seductive little unruly side, dancing and very very cheerful.


Bumaranga's music is like a festive party, an invitation to gently surrender yourself to their Afro-Columbian melodies, at times mellow, other times thrilling but always sublimely heartfelt. A blending of Indigenous rhythms and those carried over from Africa by people who were enslaved—cumbia, puya, tambora and malapé were all brought to the fore when the group won the 2013 Syli d’or de la musique du monde. Their music puts the spotlight on traditional instruments such as the tambora and alegre drums, the gaita and Millo flutes, which, along with the singer's powerful and lively voice, are amplified with the use of drums and electronic instruments. The group has a kind of seductively undisciplined side to them, very danceable and very, very, exciting.

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