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open to all
FREE | 6:30 p.m. | BALATTOU CLUB


as part of the Syli d'Or de la musique du monde, 16th edition

As part of the Syli d'Or de la Musique du Monde 2023, Productions Nuits d'Afrique are presenting workshops-conferences for artists!


Monday, March 20

Crowdfunding in music:

what opportunities?

Monday March 27

Get started on Tik Tok,

meeting new audiences!

Monday April 3

Pimp your show: From better

rehearsals to better shows

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Crowdfunding in music: what opportunities?

Learn different techniques to fund your music projects using participatory funding methods. Discover real-life examples of artists who have successfully self-financed their projects and developed their communities on platforms like The Hive, Kickstarter and Patreon.


Are you familiar with La Ruche, Kickstarter, Ulule or Patreon? These are crowdfunding platforms. Developed since the early 2000s, this method of financing involves public participation to support the production of a cultural good through participatory financing "campaigns". In music, it can be used to finance the production of a video clip, an album or a tour. Do you want to understand the principles of social financing in order to integrate them into your artistic development? This workshop is made for you!


At the end of this one-hour and a half workshop, which combines a presentation with a participatory approach, you will know in more detail how social financing platforms work and their different models; you will have grasped the main issues related to the use of this tool and you will have learned some useful tips to get started.


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Get started on Tik Tok, meet new audiences!

Tik Tok's algorithm allows (again) musicians to explode their online visibility. We present you the basics of using Tik Tok, the strategies of content creation, broadcasting and community development from concrete examples.


This Tik Tok workshop for beginners is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the popular social media app. Participants will learn how to create their own account and set everything up properly from the get go. We will be exploring the different features of the app to obtain a final goal: creating their first video. We will explore the different features of the app like filters, effects, using sounds and music, and how to use the proper hashtags and challenge features.


We will discuss topics such as how to use the Explore, For You, and Following tabs to find content that suits their interests. Additionally, we will cover tips and tricks for creating engaging content and ideas for creative videos. We will also discuss important topics such as how to use the privacy settings and how to create and maintain a community on Tik Tok by interacting with other users through likes, comments, and shares, as well as how to collaborate with other users to create content. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of how to use Tik Tok and will have created their first video.

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