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Fri, Sep 02




$10 | Cameroon



Sep 02, 2022, 9:00 p.m.

Montreal, 4372 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1Z5, Canada


Faithful to the Bantu tradition (which means "human" in Kikongo) and to its rhythms which recall coded messages, but also fully assuming its urbanity with Pop elements and the influence of Bikutsi, Oluwa Banjo sings of the preciousness of life. , the great value of nature and the importance of benevolence. This native of the Tiko region, in the south-west of Cameroon, a positive soul with communicative energy, does not spare his efforts in show to conquer the public, who revel in his enthusiastic dance movements! A few years ago, Oluwa Banjo notably stood out at Mützig Star 2016 during the national Cameroonian music competition.

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Loyal to the traditions of the Bantu (meaning “the people” in Kingongo) and to its rhythms that are like coded messages, but also fully immersed the modern urban world replete with elements of pop and Cameroonian Bikutsi, Oluwa Banjo sings about life's preciousness, nature's immense value and the importance of kindness. Native of Tiko in the southwest region of Cameroon, this positive soul with an infectious energy spares no efforts while performing to win over his audience who can't get enough of his exuberant dance moves! It is for that very reason that Oluwa Banjo really turned heads during the 2016 Cameroonian national music competition at Mützig Star.

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